ASTI Research and development VietNam Corporation was established in early 2019, with investment entirely from Japan. From constantly growing to be able to meet the needs and requirements in production and life. We are always innovating and expanding the scale and capacity. Thanks to those goals, the company has been trying to find smart, convenient, large-scale solutions in production and life. With the desire to contribute a small amount of capacity along with the 4.0 revolution. We work hard to find and innovative solutions to fit the current trend and develop in the future.

Despite being a newly established company, with the staff and leadership inherited from the companies in the system, we have full experience and capacity in circuit board design and fabrication. The machine checks the circuit board both in function and appearance. In the future, the company will focus on building projects that apply AI technology and other modern technologies, in order to meet production and assembly needs in the manufacturing industry and lines. For example, the system test function board (FCT) or the bonded test of manufactured industrial products such as the circuit board appearance in the assembly process and product finishing …

With the research and development achieved, ASTI R&D Vietnam is honored to welcome businesses and individuals interested in our products.