Automated Final Test Machine

From actual production and requirements from customers, ASTI has researched and developed automatic Final Test (FT) machine for washing machine control board.

The FT – R&D ASTI developed by ASTI can meet all the necessary functional testing requirements of circuits such as:

+ Test push button by mechanical push button mechanism

+ Check LED: LED broken, LED dim

+ Check the engine: rotation direction, speed, …

+ Load test.

+ Check other functions as required by customers.

The FT machine has an automatic PCB pressing mechanism with a system of sensors and processes to ensure safety for users and operations.

Modular design test components – can be easily interchanged when used to test different models.

For the test program we develop with a friendly interface, easy to use, with full functionality:

  • Test steps are created on excel file – easy to create
  • Division of management levels for accounts
  • Program settings: Customize features for the program
  • Save history, track product information by QRcode
  • System hardware monitoring and testing tool
  • Displays related to tests, results, statistics,…

With parallel testing of 2 PCBs at the same time, the FT machine improves productivity, reduces test time, and increases accuracy and reliability compared to manual testing.

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