Electric Design

Scope of contract design and development

  • Circuit design and development for ICT equipment and IoT devices
  • Design and development of custom boards with MPU/MCU
  • Design and development of various digital and analog circuits for embedded, industrial, and automotive applications
  • Redesign of current mass-produced products
  • Artwork design and prototyping only

Design experience

  • IoT devices (WiFi/Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Power electronics products (inverters, etc.)
  • In-vehicle devices (radios, etc.)
  • Consumer products (washing machines, etc.))

Reliability Evaluation Equipment

  • Constant temperature oven (Espec SH-642)
  • AC & DC electronic load (KIKUSUI PLZ1004W etc.)
  • Current sensor (500A)
  • Electricity meter (Hioki PW3337)