Software Design

We are entrusted with embedded software development from ASTI Japan and conduct so-called offshore development, in which we return the design results to them.
For relatively small-scale embedded software, ARV can perform everything from conceptual design to evaluation in-house. For larger scale projects, we can also provide support at our head office in Japan.

Scope of contract design and development

  • Circuit design and development for ICT equipment and IoT devices
  • Design and development of custom boards with MPU/MCU
  • Design and development of various digital and analog software for embedded, industrial, and automotive applications
  • Redesign of current mass-produced products

Design experience

  • IoT devices (WiFi/Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Power electronics products (inverters, etc.)
  • In-vehicle devices (radios, etc.)
  • Consumer equipment (automatic mowers, etc.))

Microcomputer experience

  • TI
  • NXP