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FCT Machine – R&D ASTI

With many years of experience in researching, developing and manufacturing FCT machines – electronic circuit board function testing machines The FCT – R&D ASTI machine developed can meet all the necessary functional testing requirements of electronic circuit boards such as: Check the quality of components R, L, C, LED, Button,… Check operating parameters: Current, voltage, […]

Vials Counting System

1. Subject of Application Vials Counting System application is designed to count vials on tray. This application can be used for counting the medicine vials, jars before packing in medicine production lines. 2. Hardware requirements Color camera: used camera industry Lens Custom lighting Aluminium frame 3. Features of the system The medium processing time is […]

Isolated 36 Watt Flyback Converter. Using the UC3842A Primary Side Controller.

Switched Mode Power Supply. Current types of switched-mode power supply (SMPS) are commonly used and in most electronic equipment. With the advantages of high efficiency, small size, and lower cost than linear regulated power supplies with the same power. In many different types of SMPS (buck, boost, flyback, push-pull, …), the flyback power supply is […]