FCT Machine – R&D ASTI

With many years of experience in researching, developing and manufacturing FCT machines – electronic circuit board function testing machines
The FCT – R&D ASTI machine developed can meet all the necessary functional testing requirements of electronic circuit boards such as:
  • Check the quality of components R, L, C, LED, Button,…
  • Check operating parameters: Current, voltage, frequency,…
  • Check for continuity or short circuit
  • Load test: DC load, AC load, motor,…
  • Check the operation steps and functions of the circuit board
  • Load code for IC
  • Check the communication ports
  • And other test function depending on customer’s requirement.


For mechanical part, we can advise customer different types of Fixture based on PCB size or factory condition.
The R&D department has researched and machining automatic or manual pressing Fixtures with different sizes of PCBs.


For the test program we develop with a friendly interface, easy to use, with full functionality:

  • Test steps are created on excel file – easy to create
  • Division of management levels for accounts
  • Program settings: Customize features for the program
  • Save history, track product information with QRcode
  • System hardware monitoring and testing tool
  • Displays related to steps, results, statistics,…


Regarding the device and system hardware:

  • Equipment is provided by reputable brands such as NI, Hioki, BK Precision,…
  • Hardware designed according to Japanese standards
  • The system ensures stability, precise operation


In addition, some benefits when using the FCT machine – R&D ASTI develops::

  • Technical consultants enthusiastic, exchange solutions with customers.
  • Live or online support
  • 1-2 year warranty for products

Our aim is to develop appropriate, stable, accurate, cost-effective testing systems to bring efficiency and profitability to our customers!

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