Functional Circuit Test

FCT Machine (Functional Circuit Test)





FCT diagram

In-circuit and Function Test (ICT/FCT) During in-circuit tests (ICT) all compo

nents on the PCB are measured. In doing so, defective

components are detected and can be replaced accordingly. Function tests (FCT) check the entire intended function of a PCB. According to the intended area of use, the environment is replicated and the electrical performance of the PCB is checked. In order to optimally fulfill the contacting requirements, various test probes are available. These differ in terms of installation height, grid size (possible distance between probes), tip style, and type of connection – see following illustration. The electrical connection is

achieved either with a solder cup or wire-wrap, with or without cable (wireless).


Features :

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  •  FCT test fixture is using for testing the functions of the product.
  • FCT and ICT have similarities but some differences, they are all using for testing the PCB Board.
  • ICT test fixture is mainly using for testing the PCB semi-finished products, and FCT test fixture is using for testing the functions of PCB board that equipped in components.
  • FCT test fixture is a functional test and is mostly professional custom-made. According to the different features of the product to design fixture.


  • Low Cost Test Strategy – No probes or Fixtures.
  • Board Powered and Functionality tested.
  • Edge connectors tested.
  • Detect manufacturing faults – Open, short, missing components, faulty components.
  • Debug menu to isolate component/device level issues.
  • Test Logs Capture and Analysis










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