Off-Grid Solar Power System

Hệ thống điện năng lượng mặt trời

Installing Off-Grid Solar Power System at office Da Nang.


Solar power is an inexhaustible source of renewable energy that nature offers us. Along with other renewable energy, solar power will be an additional generation of electricity, to replacing traditional energy that is exhausted in the future, contributing to limiting the impact on the environment as well as contributing to ensuring energy security and sustainable development in the future.

hệ thống điện mặt trời
Solar Power Syst
bản đồ bức xạ Việt Nam(nguồn SolarGis)
Việt Nam Solar radiation intensity (Solar Gis)

The main components of a solar power system photovoltaics (PV) panels that are connected together to form a system, the solar panels convert sunlight into electric energy, which is Direct Current (DC) This current is then sent to an inverter. The solar inverter then converts the DC to Alternating Current (AC), thus making it power the electrical items. This electricity is then routed to the grid ( On-grid system ) or storage on batteries ( Off-grid system ). In addition, it is possible to combine the above two systems (Hybrid system).

Vietnam is considered a country with great potential for solar energy, the average solar radiation intensity during the year about 4.6 kWh/m2/day. Solar energy in Vietnam is available all year round, is quite stable, and widely distributed in different regions.  Average hours of sunshine per year range from 1,800 to 2,600 hours.


From the above advantages, as well as the need to save power consumption, ensure stable power supply, backup in case of power off. ARV (ASTI Research & Development Vietnam) has recently completed the design and installation of solar power system for the company’s office with a test power of 2kWp.

The list of equipment using solar power:


Equipment Quantity


Dell laptop



PC monitor


3 Server


Công ty nghiên cứu và phát triển asti
The equipment using solar power

The project uses solar panels of Jinko Solar. This is the leading brand of solar cells today, standing at number 1 in the Tier-1 rankings for many years. The inverter uses an off-grid Voltronic inverter, use 4 12V-100Ah batteries for storage. Daily electricity generated is 5.5 – 7.2 kW on sunny days, and 2-3.3 kW on cloudy and rainy days. The system monitored and controlled by the internet.

The main components of a solar power system:


Name Maker



Jinko Solar Panel poly ( 330Wp, PERC, Half-cut cells ) Jinko Solar 06 pcs


Off-Grid Voltronic Inverter ( Axpert VM II 3kW-24V ) Voltronic 01 pcs


Schneider AC MCB ( 2P 25A, 32A 6kA ) Schneider 02 pcs


FEEO DC MCB ( 4P 63A 1000VDC) FEEO 01 pcs


Lovato DC MCB ( 2P 32A 1000VDC ) Lovato 01 pcs


Lovato DC SPD ( 20kA 1500VDC ) Lovato 01 pcs


Cadivi Solar Cable 4mm2 – 1000V Cadivi 20 m


Cadivi Electrical Wire ( 2×3.0) Cadivi 10 m


Electrical Enclosure Box 12 Ways Hensel 01 pcs


MC4 – 1500V Connecter LEADER 10 pcs


Iron Frame Vietnam 06 pcs
The opertion power of office equipment is about 300-1,000wh. The generated power is enough to supply the working equipment, the residual electricity will be stored in the battery.
Solar energy provides power to the loads as first priority. If solar energy is not sufficient to power all connected loads, battery energy will supply power the loads at the same time.
Utility provides power to the loads only when any one condition happens:
– Solar energy is not available
– Battery voltage drops to low-level warning voltage or the setting point.
Sơ đồ kết nối của hệ thống điện năng lượng mặt trời
System Circuit Diagram
Hệ thống điện mặt trời 2kWp
2kWp Solar Power System
Inverter độc lập và tủ điện
Off-grid inverter and fuse box
Giám sát và điều khiển từ xa hệ thống điện mặt trời trên app hoặc website
Monitoring and control by app or website
Sản lượng điện tạo ra vào ngày nhiều mây và mưa
Power on cloudy and rain day. Total power per day about 500 -1000w
Sản lượng điện tạo ra vào ngày nhiều mây
Power on cloudy day. Total power per day about 2 -3.3 kw
Sản lượng điện tạo ra vào ngày nắng
Power on sunny day. Total power per day about 5.5 – 7.2 kW.

Solar power system capacity depends on office opening hours, if the office works early, the output of electricity will be more. Especially after cleaning the solar panels and after it rains, more electricity is produced.













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