Research solutions to check solder quality

Purpose: Soldering inspection machine is a device used to precisely identify defects that may occur on a circuit board after automated soldering. This helps assess the board’s quality and reduces the risk of errors during its usage.

Technology: The machine operates based on the application of AI technology. Data on errors is provided to the machine, and it learns from this data, thereby acquiring the ability to accurately assess potential defects. By doing so, it enhances the efficiency and precision of quality assurance processes, ensuring that products are delivered with the highest degree of reliability. This application of AI not only expedites the inspection process but also significantly reduces the likelihood of errors, contributing to improved product performance and durability. In addition, users can create their own models with their own data, helping to secure product information and be flexible in changing the objects to be checked.

Application: Soldering Inspection are often used in the production of electrical, electronics, telecommunications.


The Soldering Inspection – developed by ASTI R&D can meet the necessary functions:

+ Detect errors on the board.

+ Create new data.

+ Training new models

+ Applying models for detecting errors on products.

Video demo:

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