Vials Counting System

1. Subject of Application

  • Vials Counting System application is designed to count vials on tray.
  • This application can be used for counting the medicine vials, jars before packing in medicine production lines.

2. Hardware requirements

  1. Color camera: used camera industry
  2. Lens
  3. Custom lighting
  4. Aluminium frame

3. Features of the system

  • The medium processing time is 125ms. It can be reduce if the camera and processor is configured to suitable
  • Vial counting: Count the number of vials on tray and compare with the expected value, return the status or signal to operator
  • Partial tray counting:
    Partial tray counting


  • Detect only the cap without body: The vial counting system can be detect only the cap without body and flip cap.
    Detect only the cap without body


  • Fallen vial detection:
    Fallen vial detection.



4. Conclusion

  1. With fast processing speed, high accuracy and stability the counting vial system can meet the need to check the quantity of products before packing in factories
  2. About software, this is demo version, it will have history management and export data features at offical version.

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