Wire color checker

Purpose: Wire color Checker is a device used to determine the exact connection point of electrical wires when plugged into a certain type of connector. This helps ensure that the wires are connected in the correct order and minimizes the risk of errors during installation.

Technology: The operating principle of the camera wire color checker is based on comparing the captured colors with a standard color table stored in the system. When the camera takes a picture, it will process and compare the color of the wire with the standard color chart to determine the exact color of that wire. This technology helps reduce confusion and increase accuracy during the inspection process.

Application: Wire color Checker are often used in the production of electrical, electronics, telecommunications and construction industries to ensure the accuracy of connecting electrical wires. It saves time and effort compared to checking wire color with the naked eye.




There are 2 models to meet different customer

The wire color checker – developed by ASTI R&D can meet all necessary functional testing requirements such as:
+ Check the electrical wire position
+ Check the color of the electrical wire
+ Check dimension
+ Distinguishing opposite directions
+ And other functions according to customer requirements.


Video demo:

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