Work location Da Nang, Vietnam
Employment status Full-time employment
Employment period Contract employment (based on labor-related laws)
Employment type PCB Layout Design
Language English
    – At a minimum, the ability to interpret data sheets in English is required.
    – Provide TOEIC or other official test results.
    – Japanese language skills are preferred.
    – Japanese language training is available.
Job description

CAD design of wiring for printed circuit boards to be used in products such as automobiles, consumer products, industrial equipment, and power electronics products. The CAD software used is CR-5000 (Zuken).
(1) Design
According to our original design rules, based on circuit diagrams, component information, and design requests submitted by electrical circuit designers, we use CAD software to register component data, input PCB design conditions, place components, and perform wiring.
Especially since there is a lot of work from Japan, it is good to have Japanese language skills so that understanding can be done quickly.

(2) Verification
Using the verification tool of the CAD software, we check if there are no problems with the design contents. We also check if the design meets other design requirements. We will prepare materials explaining the changes from the existing board and the basis for the design.
(3) Deliverables Preparation and Review
We review the design to the client. If there are any problems, the design is revised again and reviewed again. Once the review confirms that there are no problems, the designed data is processed into data that can actually be used for board production, and the data is output to complete the process.
Linguistic knowledge is required as deliverables must be created in either Japanese or English.

Working hours 08:00~17:00