Careers Electric Circuit Engineer


Work location Da Nang, Vietnam
Employment status Full-time employment
Employment period Contract employment (based on labor-related laws)
Employment type Hardware Design
Language English
    – At a minimum, the ability to interpret data sheets in English is required.
    – Provide TOEIC or other official test results.
    – Japanese language skills are preferred.
    – Japanese language training is available.
Job description

Design and develop electrical hardware for products such as automobiles, consumer products, industrial equipment, and power electronics products. Design and development requires knowledge of electronic components, circuit design, board design, and thermal design, and covers such circuits as AC-DC and DC-DC power circuits, motor inverters, and battery chargers.
(1) Design
Examine systems and design circuits, components, and specifications that meet the technical and functional requirements of the product.
(2) Prototyping and evaluation
Prototypes are manufactured based on the designed specifications. We evaluate the prototype using measuring instruments and environmental test equipment to verify that it conforms to the designed specifications.
(3) Create and review deliverables
We create specifications, drawings, and other documents related to the product.
Responds to reviews and inquiries, both internal and external, and prepares documents such as explanatory materials and reports.
Conducts comprehensive inquiries and discussions with customers, vendors, traders, and international partners regarding product design and specifications.

Working hours 08:00~17:00