Careers inspection equipment designer


Work location Da Nang, Vietnam
Employment status Full-time employment
Employment period Contract employment (based on labor-related laws)
Employment type Inspection Equipment Design
Language English
    – At a minimum, the ability to interpret data sheets in English is required.
    – Provide TOEIC or other official test results.
    – Japanese language skills are preferred.
    – Japanese language training is available.
Job description

We develop, design, and fabricate the inspection equipment required for the manufacture of a variety of electronic equipment devices. For these in-process inspectors, engineers from electrical design, AW design, software design, and mechanical design work together to perform design work.
(1) Design
Once we receive the customer’s required specifications, we consider a system that can implement the inspection contents. The system must be designed to be more reasonable, taking into consideration the measuring instruments and inspection techniques to be used. Once a rough design has been finalized, we propose the system to the client and confirm that it satisfies the required specifications. After the customer evaluates the performance and cost, the order is confirmed.
Once the order is confirmed, we start detailed design and arrangement of measuring instruments and parts.
(2) Verification
Once the inspection machine is completed, we confirm whether the inspection contents are satisfactory using the actual machine. Repeated tests are conducted to confirm the reliability of the inspection. The product is brought to the customer’s process for a final check. Again, we confirm the reliability of the inspection by repeatedly inspecting the product.
(3)Deliverable creation and review
The designed contents are made into drawings and delivered as product specifications. We also submit the results of the final check, and delivery is complete when we obtain approval from the customer.

Working hours 08:00~17:00